Astellas Business Initiatives


For a person undergoing medical treatment, tomorrow can sometimes seem far away. Today, in certain fields of therapy, key medical needs still go unmet, leaving patients and doctors dissatisfied. It is those areas that Astellas has made its priority.

Committed to providing people with hope for a brighter future, we aim to lead the way in our chosen branches of therapeutic expertise. Focusing on specific instances of unmet medical need, we take an innovative but carefully conceived approach, identifying and developing new ways of improving health and enhancing lives.

Our drive to discover tomorrow's medical solutions is matched by our commitment to the patients themselves and to the medical community. We maintain high standards in research, clinical evaluation, reporting, training, and monitoring; looking beyond pharmaceutical products, our corporate social responsibility programme supports environmental and human aid initiatives across the globe.

Each day, Astellas gives further proof of its capacity to lead the way in creating a better future for patients, for the people close to them, and—in a broader sense—for all of us. Everyone at Astellas knows that our continuing success lies in our potential for Changing tomorrow.