Fungal infections and bacterial infections can have a serious impact on patients, and are sometimes life-threatening. For those patients who are in hospital because of other illnesses, infections can cause delays and complications with the treatment of those conditions. Besides the significant impact that serious infections can have on patients and their family members, the need for extended stays in hospital puts increased pressure on healthcare infrastructure and budgets.

Astellas Pharma is already established as a leader in the fields of Transplantation and Urology. Building on its successful work in these important areas, Astellas has been applying its expertise and experience to making a new range of medicines available, in the field of anti-infectives. To bring innovation and hope to the treatment of infectious diseases requires focus and commitment. Astellas has established a growing portfolio of medicines in this area, and is actively running R&D programmes to advance new therapies. Astellas recognises the fight against serious fungal and bacterial infections as a complex and evolving one, and is liaising closely with a range of stakeholders to play its part in combating infectious disease. The company works with intensive care specialists, microbiologists, surgeons and infection control specialists, in order to ensure that the medicines it develops will meet the future needs of physicians, and will continue to improve the lives of patients.

This work includes support for a number of clinical studies, being carried out at treatment centres around Europe, which focus on current clinical practice and the use of existing anti-infective agents within hospitals. Astellas hopes that this work will encourage the sharing of information and best practice between hospitals, and that this will lead to improved outcomes for patients.

Remaining firmly committed to pioneering research and to the development of new anti-infective agents, Astellas hopes that it can give patients the promise of a brighter tomorrow, by equipping healthcare professionals with new medicines to treat fungal and bacterial infections.