Astellas Research & Development

Research & Development

The discovery and development of innovative new medicines is the foundation of our business at Astellas. We have over 3,000 scientists working in Research & Development worldwide and invest16% of our global annual sales in R&D.

At our Drug Discovery Research Centre in Japan, scientists strive to discover new chemical compounds with the potential to influence the biological processes that cause diseases. The most promising new candidates are then investigated in rigorous clinical trial programmes to assrss their efficacy and safety at state-of-the-art research centres in Europe, Japan and America (overseen by our Drug Development Headquarters in Illinois, USA).

Strategic acquisitions of companies like Agensys, OSI Pharmaceuticals and Ganymed have augmented our in-house expertise. Additionally, our novel approach to R&D has also seen recent collaborations with a wide range of renowned academic and biotechnology organisations with complementary capabilities.