Manufacturing in Ireland

Astellas Pharma have two manufacturing plants in Ireland. One in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 and one in Killorglin Co Kerry.

Astellas Dublin, Ireland

Astellas Ireland Co; Limited
Damastown Road
Damastown Industrial Park
Dublin 15

The Dublin plant’s main activity includes the manufacture of four bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients which are supplied to the global market, namely, famotidine, solifenacin, mirabegron and tamsulosin. The Dublin Plant was established in Mulhuddart in 1986, commenced manufacture in July 1988 and presently employs over 70 people.

Astellas Kerry, Ireland

Astellas Ireland Co; Limited
Co Kerry

Astellas Ireland’s Kerry Plant manufactures a range of treatments, including the immunosuppressant Prograf® which is supplied globally from Killorglin.The Kerry Plant was established in Killorglin in 1990 and currently employs 250 permanent staff.

As part of Astellas corporate environmental initiative program of utilising renewable energy and to implement measures designed to protect the environment, a 800 KW wind turbine power generation station and a 1.8 MW wood chip boiler system have been installed in its Kerry Plant.

The combined construction of the station and the boiler system is expected to reduce the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions by over 3,000 tonnes per year.

The formal planning approval of the construction of the wind turbine power generation station was received in November 2010 and was completed successfully in January 2012. The wind turbine has a tower height of 73 metres, a rotor blade diameter of 53 metres and an overall base to tip height of 99 metres. The station will generate approximately 20% of the plants electrical requirements and reduce the plant’s carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by over 1,000 and 4 tonnes per year, respectively.

The wood chip boiler was installed successfully in April 2012.

* Famotidine is not marketed by APCL